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Project Management Time Line Template

There are always some projects happening at every business or company. A company thrives on projects; big or small, projects need to be managed. A project management is a crucial tool in handling projects. It has a time line or schedule in which the project or task on hand is expected to complete.

There are many aspects to project management. Every component or section of a project must be identified with its resources, skill and time for completion. Some sections or components require other sections before they can start or finish.

A project management time line allows the company to manage its manpower, resources and work schedule better for every job or project it takes on. It should state the change identification, change evaluation, decision/approval and change tracking facets of the project.

A project management time line template lists the following information:

* Company Name

* Date

* Project Number

* Project Title

* Start date

* End date

* Project Leader

* Project duration

* Time Line

* Change identification

* Change Evaluation

* Decision / Approval

* Change Tracking

There may need to record the user request, technical request or standards request under change identification whereas estimates and impacts are found in change evaluation. The relevant authority is listed for any decision to be made while change tracking records the plan, requirements, design, test cases, user training, online helps, user procedure, documentation and responsibility groups.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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