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Project Manager Resume Template

A project manager is the key person in any project. He is the person who liaises with all parties involved in a project that he undertakes. He needs to be thoroughly familiar with his projects.

A project manager resume will list out all the relevant information about the project manager. The resume details the project manager’s personal information and contact information to its reader. It also highlights the qualifications, skills and areas of expertise as well as the wide experience of the project manager.

A well written project manager resume will impact the reader to award the project to that particular project manager. It must be professionally written stating the types of project that the project manager has undertaken and a slight scope of each project to convey his knowledge, skills and experience. That will help him gain a higher chance of being awarded the project or to head the project. His terms of reference are very crucial for establishing his professionalism and successes.

A project manager resume must be updated regularly after each project is undertaken successfully. The project manager should be able to recall any of his undertaken projects to confirm his skills and experience. He must be professional in his approach as he deals with all levels of people.

A project manager resume template may display:

* Project manager’s personal information

* Qualifications

* Work experience

* Skills

* On-going projects

* Successful projects

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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