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Project Meeting minutes Template

Project meetings are important to track the progress of the project, especially when a few staff are involved in the project development. Big projects tend to be complicated and long; staff involved need to be able to report on their progress or difficulties encountered. Hence, regular project meetings are necessary to iron out the difficulties while other team members assist in brainstorming ideas and solutions for a better path to project completion.

A project meeting minutes is an important document which allows the project team to refer to the discussion and decisions made during a project meeting so that all team members can move in the right direction with the right understanding on the project.

The template of a project meeting minutes may have the following header:

* Project Title

* Date of Meeting

* Time and Venue of meeting

* Attendees / Absentees

Its body may have the following:

* Summary of report by each team member

* Difficulties encountered by team member

* Work in progress update

* Conclusion for each section of project as reported.

* Actions to be taken & Person-in-charge

* Deadline of Actions to be taken

The template may be broken into several sections; besides header and body as suggested above, it can also have columns on:

* Date of Next meeting

* Agenda for the next meeting

* Date, Time and Venue of next meeting

This extra section allows the project team to look ahead of the required for the next reporting.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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