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Project Planner Template

When a business thrives on projects to survive, it will require many resources such as manpower as well as equipment. There may be several projects which a company may take on in order to be profitable, but projects require supervision and skills such as planning and identification of project progression and completion.

Hence a project planner is necessary for the company that takes on many projects simultaneously as projects may not have the same start or end dates; some projects may be delayed and some projects can be canceled while others may be completed earlier than scheduled.

A project planner will help to ease out the ‘rough edges’ in monitoring various projects undertaken by the company so that no errors will be committed. The project planner template may take on several pieces of important items such as:

* Project name

* Description of project

* Project Owner

*Start date

*End date

* Project Leader

* Duration of project

* Work hours incurred

* Resources required / taken

The project planner can accept estimates on the start and end dates to compute the estimated total work hours as well as the duration of the project for the computation of project cost.

From the project planner, the company can identify when would be the most busy and most slack periods as well as how its manpower and other resources will be manipulated. This will enable the company to make good management decisions to benefit the company.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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