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Project Proposal Template

Businesses need work or sales; one form of sales is projects. Projects can be in the form of services rendered such as designs, innovations, trainings, renovations and advertising.

When a company wishes to offer its services to another, the former may need to submit a project proposal to the latter. Hence, a project proposal is an important business document that must be well structured and done up to reflect the tendering company’s skills and expertise to be awarded the project.

A project proposal can contain the following sections information:

* Introduction of Company

* Project title

* Description of project

* Objective of project

* Proposed Strategic plan

* Project Deliverables

* Project Scope & Execution


* Resources

* Expertise

* Recommended Commencement date of project

* Benefits of Engaging tendering company

A project proposal must be well written to reflect the clear and correct understanding of the project as desired by the client. The project proposal must answer all the questions posed by the client on the project and clear all the doubts about the effectiveness and benefits of the project upon its completion.

The tendering company should also include in the project proposal clear and specific reasons for the client to award the project to the tendering company instead of another. There should be terms of reference of past successful projects similar to the current one, for the assurance of the client that the company has the necessary expertise and experience.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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