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Property Inventory Template

A Property inventory is an important document for an individual who requires a track of his belongings. Property can refer to any type of belonging of an individual such as houses, buildings, equipment, household items and personal belongings. One application of a property inventory is in insurance, where the insurance company requires the individual to list out all his household items that are of value to be insured.

Hence, a property inventory template can have the following information:

* Name

* Address

* Policy number

* Today’s Date

* Validity Date

The above information is important in tracking the items taken stock and their values at that point in time; hence, today’s date is important. A formal property inventory would require a validity date to cover the listed items below for a certain period only, due to the depreciation of the items.

The body of a property inventory template can have various columns, such as:

* Item number

* Category

* Item name

* Description of item

* Source

* Quantity

* Source of purchase

* Date of purchase

* Original Value

* Current Value

There would be subtotals to these columns’ values for a track of the total value of the items listed. A property inventory could be done up by a professional or authorized evaluator for a legal situation as in an insurance claim or policy, or it could be done up informally by an individual who wish to have a list of his personal worth.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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