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Purchase Receipt Template

A purchase receipt is very much like the purchase order; in fact, it stems from a purchase order. After the purchase order is submitted to the vendor, he will put together the required items according to the purchase order before shipping out to the client.

Once the delivery of items is made, the client will do a stock check on the items received and confirm the stock received. Hence, a purchase receipt will be made out to the vendor to confirm the items received as per purchase order or otherwise. The vendor will need to sign off the purchase receipt in acknowledgment of the goods delivered satisfactorily.

Not all companies practice the purchase receipt as they may have the delivery order or the invoice to confirm the goods received. Those who practice the purchase receipt are safeguarding themselves against wrong deliveries which they may not want to pay for.

Hence, a purchase receipt template may have the following information:

* Company’s Name & Logo

* Company’s address

* Vendor’s name & address

* Shipping address

* Contact person on shipment

* Contact person title & department

* Items required

* Item code

* Quantity

* Description of items

* Price

* Total

* Taxes / Discounts

The purchase receipt will specify precisely the items received and perhaps the condition they were received in.

The purchase receipt may make comments on the items delivered such as “Goods received in good condition”.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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