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Quizzes and Tests Template

Schools usually conduct quizzes and tests throughout the semester to ensure that their students are kept on their toes in their academic endeavors. Quizzes and tests are small evaluations of the students’ academic knowledge. They can be graded as a feedback to the students’ of their academic progress thus far.

Quizzes and tests may or may not be added to the final grade of the subject, depending on the school curriculum. Many are used to gauge the student’s academic performance or serve as a feedback to the students or parents on the student’s learning capability.

It is up to the students to decide if they want to adopt a consistent learning curve by being progressively responsible towards their studies or to make a quick dash on revision just before the final examinations.

Some learning institutions do not have quizzes and tests but projects and assignments. They may function similarly.

Quizzes and tests can be formal or informal depending on the subject facilitator. It can be a simple objective or subjective piece of work, which can be done in the school environment or at home, as a take home activity.

A quiz and test template may have the following components:

* Quiz / Test title

* Subject Title

* Subject Facilitator

* Questions

* Spaces for answers

* Mark boxes

* Total marks

* Grade

A quiz or test is also meant to encourage the student to be more mindful of his studies.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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