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Raffles Ticket Template

Raffles ticket holds excitement and expectation as there is hope of winning a prize. Raffles are held in conjunction to a festive event like a carnival, social dinners, fundraising or charity functions where lucky draws are organized to attract participants to the event.

Each Raffles ticket holds important information that will allow its holder to exchange it for a prize.

A Raffles ticket template can have the following information:

* Event name

* Date of Event

* Ticket Number

* Terms and Conditions

A Raffles ticket comes in all sizes; most of them come in the form of a 4inches by 6 inches piece of paper. It can be colorful or in different fonts which can make it attractive.

Some raffles tickets require the name of the participant on them to identify the recipient for that particular prize. Some require addresses and contact number if the participant is not required to be present to accept the prize, which is mailed to the participant.

Some raffles tickets come in two portions with a perforation separating them. One side of the raffles ticket contains information about the event and the raffles ticket number; the holder of the raffles ticket keeps this portion safely for verification purposes when claiming his prize. The other portion contains the raffles ticket number and perhaps the participant’s details; this portion can be torn off and submitted to the organizer of the raffles draw. It must match the participant’s other half copy.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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