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Reading Log Elementary Template

Reading is a good habit to develop and to inculcate in young children. A reading society develops into an advanced civilization, as history has proven. Hence, it is important to encourage the young children to adopt a good reading habit.

A reading log elementary would be extremely helpful for the children and adults to track the child’s progress in reading. The reading log can record the number of books he has read, the types of books, the dates of completion, the ideas gleaned and his responses.

Schools which encourage their students to develop a good reading habit will assign the students to keep a reading log that needs to be submitted for review, and perhaps even for grading. The child learns to be responsible towards his reading assignments as he records the reading materials in the given reading log.

A reading log elementary template may record the following information:

* Child’s name

* Reading dates

* Reading times

* Type of reading

* Title of reading material

* Point of learning

* Ideas

* Parent’s / Teacher’s Acknowledgement

The reading log elementary is best monitored by a figure head or authority such as the parent or teacher so that the student develops the good reading habit. There may be some specific instructions to the child if it is a reading assignment from the school, such as “Parent’s acknowledgement required after each reading” or “Reading materials must be approved by the school authority”.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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