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All children should be encouraged to read, especially while they are schooling. The school usually has a reading plan for its students to encourage this good habit to be developed.

A reading log is useful to the child himself as it helps him monitor his own reading habits and reading achievements. He can enlist the assistance of his parents in this quest whereby the child can read a book everyday under the careful supervision of the parents. A reading log with the parent’s initials as well as the child’s establishes the commitment of the parent to the child’s developing habit of good reading skills which can impact a child greatly in more than one way.

The child will also be more committed to the reading plan when he signs on the reading log with his parents. This two way accountability is very useful for both parties, to encourage each other to greater achievements.

A reading log template may record the following information:

* Child’s name

* Reading dates

* Reading times

* Type of reading

* Title of reading material

* Child’s initials

* Parent’s initials

The reading log can be recorded on a weekly basis to allow the child a short term goal achievement. When the child improves in his reading capability or passion, the reading log can be on a monthly basis. If the child is already consistent with his reading plan, the parent needs only to initial on a monthly basis.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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