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Real Estate Flyers Template

When you want to buy or sell your house, you would probably seek the assistance of some professional real estate agents who would prepare some flyers on your home for distribution. This is an effective method of publicity to inform potential buyers or sellers on your house.

Real Estate flyers are usually A4 sized papers with the home-for-sale information stated on them. They are usually colorful and well designed with perhaps a picture of your house for sale on it. The relevant information such as Address, Contact number of agent, agent’s name and company, price of house, viewing options and conditions, and other upside on the house are listed on the real estate flyer.

Interested buyers would usually give the real estate agent a call for a private viewing for further sale consideration. These real estate flyers are usually distributed from door to door, or place at public places for easy pick up.

A real estate flyer template can have the following components:

* Picture of house-for-sale

* Address

* Real Estate Company Name

* Real Estate agent

* Contact Number

* House information

* Price

* Condition

* Age

* Upsides

Sometimes, the price is not specifically mentioned on the real estate flyer. Viewing appointments are usually required for an inside viewing of the house. There may be certain conditions listed such as “for rent only”, “for sale” or “view after 5pm”, depending on the owner and agent.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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