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Real Estate Letter Template

Buying or selling a house is not very easy unless you have a ready buyer or seller. Most real estate agents would also be scouting for some good property to buy and sell on behalf of another party.

Hence, the real estate agent would write to a homeowner who might be a potential home seller. A real estate letter needs to be carefully drafted in a professional manner so that the potential home seller will consider the real estate agent’s services.

A well written real estate letter will entice the homeowner to consider selling his home. Its contents should be attractive with services, low commission, high prices, ease of legalistic procedures and smooth transaction payments.

A real estate letter should take on the format of a formal letter with the sender’s and recipient’s names and addresses. There should be an introduction of the real estate company, its services, its transaction processes, commission and guarantee conditions clearly spelt out.

A real estate letter template can have the following components:

* Real estate Company Name & Logo

* Real estate Address

* Date

* Homeowner Name & Address

* Salutations

* Reference

* Real Estate Company’s Background

* Real Estate Company’s Services

* Intention of Letter

* Offerings & Conditions

Sometimes, the offerings and conditions are negotiable. The interested seller should contact the real estate agent for a viewing and evaluation of the home. Then, negotiations can be made on the house’s market value and desired selling price.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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