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An office requires all types of workers to function. There are office boys, administrators, supervisors, department heads and Managers. Every employee plays an important role in ensuring the success of the organization for their livelihood; similarly for receptionists.

A receptionist is employed to handle customers walking in to the office. She is the first contact person a customer meets; thus, she is an important representative of the company. She must be people friendly with a pleasant disposition and dressing. She represents the company’s professional image with her good manners and speech to the customers.

Besides greeting the customers and answering their queries about the company in person, she is also responsible in taking care of incoming calls. Though she is not seen by the caller, she is still representing the company and conveying the company’s image to the caller.

A receptionist must also be well versed with the telephone system at the workplace. She should have good and efficient telephoning handling skills that will leave a good impression on the customers. She is responsible to ensure that all incoming calls will be handled efficiently that will translate into business for the company.

A receptionist may be required to assist in some administrative work during her free hours when she is not busy with the calls.

A receptionist resume template may contain:

* Receptionist’s personal information

* Career Objective

* Educational

* Experience

* Telephone systems Proficiency

* Skills

* Trainings

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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