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People, especially bakers and cooks, love a good recipe. It is an advantage to hold a good recipe which can come in handy when you have guests. There are many types of recipes: savory foods, cakes, juices, breads and drinks.

A Recipe template usually comprises two sections: Ingredients and Method.

The Ingredient section lists out all the ingredients that are necessary in a recipe, no matter how small a quantity it may be, as it may be crucial to the taste and overall turn out of the dish.

The Method section lists out the steps of preparation for a particular dish. The steps should be listed in the correct order to ensure a successful turn out of the dish. There may be some steps of caution in the recipe that will help the cook or baker avoid disappointment, such as ‘Cool the solution thoroughly before adding the fruits’ or ‘Avoid high fire at all times’. A good recipe should not have too many steps and should be clearly worded to avoid ambiguity in the preparation process.

A recipe template may also have pictures of the dish. Hence, a recipe template can have:

* Name of the Dish

* Picture of the dish

* Ingredients

* Method

A recipe template can be set in different ways; it can be in columns where the Ingredients column is on the left and the Method column is on the right, or the Methods section flows after the Ingredients section.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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