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Reference Letter Template

A Reference letter is a formal letter as it contains words of compliment on behalf of an individual.

A reference letter is a very important letter to the individual, of whom the reference is made out. It is a great support to one who may be seeking for a job in a well established organization, or seeking a high ranking position, entry into a prestigious club or society.

Hence, the Reference letter template is quite structured like a formal letter.

It starts off with the Referee’s information, followed by the Date, and then the Recipient’s information before the Salutations.

The above header information should be appropriately spaced and in proper fonts for good reading. The Referee’s information and the Recipient’s information must be complete, as in the referee’s full name or if the recipient has a title, like Dr., Prof., or His Royal Highness.

The body of the Reference letter gives relevant and favorable information about the individual which would assist him in the desired objective. The body usually takes two to three short paragraphs outlining the individual’s abilities and suitability to the particular objective.

The Reference letter template ends with courtesy and possible contact if necessary to verify the reference given on the individual. The overall aura of the reference letter should be courteous and professional, so that the contents will augur well with the recipient on the mentioned individual in the reference letter to make a favorable decision on him.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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