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Reflective Log Template

A log may be well used by many people to record some necessary information on some entity like day, project or event. But a reflective log can be very useful to reflect on the happenings or activities that have happened to learn from them and to improve your life or business.

A reflective log can be implemented through some word and publishing software. There could be some columns of information that require some input of data such as Activity, Description of activity, Impact and Consequence.

With some advanced word input software, you can just tab onto the right column to input the necessary information. By recording the information at the right column, you can keep track of your thoughts on a particular event or happening which you can derive important lessons from. Tracking the reflective log will enable future success by avoiding the same pitfalls or drawing lessons from past experiences recorded in a reflective log.

A reflection log template may simply contain:

* Identification of user

* Date of Log

* Time of visit/entry

* Activity

* Description of activity

* Impact

* Consequence

A reflective log functions similarly like a journal where your deepest thoughts and feelings can be recorded to give you a clearer overview of the incident.

A reflective log functions to allow its reader some reflection of the previous actions taken to cause the consequence and thoughts of improvement should be considered for future success.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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