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Registered Nurse Resume Template

Nursing is a noble profession where those who opt for it are caring and patient about the wellness of others. Nurses need to be trained formally receiving a nursing education from a college that offers nursing programs.

Upon graduation, the graduates are known as registered nurses or RN. Registered nurses must pass a national licensing exam to be qualified. RNs serve to help all types of people in achieving good health and preventing diseases. They care for the injured or sick in hospitals, clinics, private homes, public health agencies, camps, industry or schools.

What a RN does is determined by the state in which she practices in. A RN must be patient, caring and kind with her patients and their families who may need consoling and encouraging words. RNs usually assist the doctors in certain medical procedures and medication depending on the state’s Nurse Practice Act.

A RN can also be found in rehabilitative and old folks’ home where adult service for health is required over the long term. A RN with knowledge and experience in acute mental health issues like Schizophrenia and depression will be very beneficial to the community and medical environment.

A registered nurse resume template may contain:

* Registered Nurse’s personal information

* Career Objective

* Nursing Qualifications

* Nursing Experiences

* Career Achievements

* Medical areas of interests

* Research interests

* Trainings undertaken

* Areas of exposure

* Types of experience and skills

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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