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Registration Form Template

There are many forms that have to be filled up in any formal or public service venue, such as hospitals, banks, hotels and schools. Registration forms are a common sight today at many places where security is tight. There are many different reasons for a registration form. In a hospital, patients who are to be warded need to fill in a registration form.

A hotel guest wishing to stay at the hotel needs to fill in a registration form at the reception before a room can be assigned. A bank requires its new customers to fill in a registration form if a new account is desired at the bank. Schools require their students to fill in a registration form at the start of the new school term for record purposes.

Hence, the registration form template may differ from service to service rendered.

A registration form can be simple and concise with one page while others may be a couple of pages to record sufficient information, as with a hospital admission registration form.

The template header will need to include personal information such as:

* Individual’s name

* Birth date

* Gender

* Address

* Contact number

* Next of kin

There may be several portions to a registration form, depending on the nature of the service and the purpose of the form. Some registration form template requires insurance information, work experience or educational background information. Some may include payment mode: cash or credit card, where payment is needed.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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