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Religion Design Slide Template

With the availability of high technology today, religious people also experience the effect of high technology inside their worship house. Instead of bulletins on paper, much of the worship house’s information or news can be flashed up on the LCD projection using slides.

These slides can be designed creatively as desired by the worship house. Most of them is usually designed with a nice picture with the logo of the worship house or showcases the theme for the week.

It could be the same design used for all slides depending on the purpose of the slides, as in a sermon presentation. Slides can be varied in design for announcements, and other religious information to be conveyed to its parishioners.

These slides can be displayed before, during or at the end of the religious segment. They can be controlled manually by pressing the display button or using an automatic timer to bring on the different slides.

A religious design slide template can have the following components:

* Worship House Name & Logo

* Picture

* Date

* Words of Encouragement

Slide contents can be in point form or in sentences, depending on the occasion. There should not be more than 7 sentences on a slide as too much information on one slide can be difficult to read. Hence, the designer of the religious design slides should be mindful of the audience’s attention and absorption power on the slide contents.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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