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Rent Invoice Template

Renting a house or apartment requires prompt rental to avoid disputes with the landlord. Professional landlords or rental agencies will have a very proper structure for your rent payment system. They will usually issue a rent invoice to you on a monthly basis or as per contract agreement.

Hence, you will be reminded of an upcoming rent which you would need to settle within the stipulated timeframe to avoid late payment interest, or as per rental contract terms and conditions. Professional landlords and rental agencies tend to operate by the ‘book’ whereby regular issuance of the rent invoice will be made a week or two before the actual due date of payment, which then gives you no excuse for late payment.

Tenants who frequently settle their rent late may be blacklisted with a poor reference will find himself having difficulty in securing good places to rent in the future.

A rent invoice is then useful to the tenant as it serves as a reminder to settle the rent before or on the due payment date. The rent invoice may be standard for every month or request of rent settlement.

A rent invoice template should have:

* Landlord’s / Agency name

* Landlord’s / Agency’s contact number

* Tenant’s name

* Rental address

* Month of payment

* To be settled by: <date>

* Special Notices

There may not necessarily be any signatories on the rent invoice as these can be computer generated.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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