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Rental Invoice Template

It is important to be prompt with your rental to avoid the unnecessary finance or late payment charges. It is great that some landlords or real estate agencies to send out monthly rental invoices as a reminder to settle your rent before the due date.

A rental invoice is a very simple and standard document which displays the tenant’s name and property information, with a short standard statement of rental due and payment reminder. The rental amount is stated on the rental invoice for your attention with the rental date printed for your confirmation. You should receive a rental invoice a week or more before the due payment date so that you will have sufficient time to prepare your funds to settle your rent.

If the tenant frequently pays his rent late, he may be blacklisted without a good reference for the next property he wants to rent or he may encounter higher rental for subsequent property renting.

Hence, a rental invoice template should have:

* Landlord’s / Agency name

* Landlord’s / Agency’s contact number

* Tenant’s name

* Rental address

* Month of payment

* To be settled by: <date>

* Payment number

A rental invoice can be generated easily by the computer today with the different software available. The tenant’s information as per rental invoice can be extract from a database. There need not be any signatures on the rental invoice if it is computer generated.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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