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Reply Card Template

There are many occasions and events which one receives an invitation to. With most invitations, there is a necessity to respond or reply to the sender to confirm your presence to the invited event. It is a courteous act to an invitation.

A reply card plays that role. It will help the event organizer keep track of the number of attendees to the planned event. This is to assist in the catering of food, seating and gifts. Reply cards are great pieces of paper, albeit the small size, to ensure that the event will be successful.

It can be preprinted with the necessary information such as event, date, time, venue, and even the invitee’s name besides the response column: accept or decline. The invitee has to check the response column before mailing back the reply card.

A reply card may look similar to the post card where the front portion lists the above mentioned information while the back portion displays the sender’s name and address with an affixed postage. That would make it convenient for the invitee to return the reply card.

A reply card template may have:

* Front portion

* Event information

* Pictures

* Designs

* Back portion

* Sender’s name and address

* Affixed postage on the top right

A reply card must be well prepared to encourage its response. Sometimes, the invitee needs to state the number of persons and the names of the attendees to the event.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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