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Request for Proposal Template

A business transaction can be of many kinds; there can be selling and buying or servicing. Sometimes, it can be a passive action where you wait for your customers to come to patronize you while other times, you can be actively pursuing your customers.

Similarly, a company can submit proposals to tender for a job which is offered by another company while at other times, a company may request for proposals for a project on hand. A request for proposal is very much like a tender form whereby the details of the project are listed out clearly for the proposing companies’ benefit.

The request for proposal must provide sufficient information to the proposing parties to consider their own suitability in handling the project before taking up the challenge. The proposing party will then submit a project proposal for the requesting company’s consideration to award the project to the best proposed candidate.

A request for proposal template must have the following information in order to gauge the better proposer for the project:

* Company’s Name & Logo

* Company’s background

* Project title

* Objective of project

* Date of request

* Target audience

* Project details

* Project Requirements

* Proposal Requirements

* Budget of project

The request for proposal can be detailed or brief, depending on the size and confidentiality of the project on hand. The request for proposal can request for detailed information from the proposing party for a better evaluation of candidate’s suitability.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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