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Research Proposal Template

A proposal functions very much like a tender bidding for a proposed task or project by a business entity that is willing to pay for the services rendered upon successful completion of the said project.

There are many kinds of proposal that can be written and submitted by business parties. There can be a training or sales proposal. Another is research proposal which is a more academic form of work as relevant information is sought and compiled by a third party, known as outsource. Outsourcing tasks such as research or surveys free the company from cumbersome activities and tying up of manpower.

A research is a time consuming activity which requires the right skill, analytical mind and meticulous work structure to compile the right data for the client’s benefit. Hence, a research proposal must fully understand the objective of the research, the benefits and disadvantages of the research project as well as being very focused and objective about the task. Professionalism is very important in ensuring that the research will be successful.

A research proposal template will need to be clear in structure and informative with the data gathered and compiled with suggested conclusions and recommendations with the following information:

* Company’s Name & Logo

* Client’s name

* Reiteration of Research title

* Reiteration of understanding research title

* Acknowledgement of research project

* Agreement to stated terms and conditions of research

* Proposed skilled researchers

* Proposed research approach

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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