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Resignation Letter Template

In every career which is not self-employed, there may come a time where the employee will want to tend in his resignation. When the employee has decided to exit a company, he is obliged to submit a resignation letter to the management for approval with a certain period of notice as per his employment terms and conditions.

A resignation letter is a formal document which must be written in a formal format to convey professionalism. It should contain the sender’s name and address at the top left of the letter with the date and company name and address following. Then the salutations and reference come on with the intention of the letter written humbly.

The decision to resign should be conveyed clearly, stating the period of notice given according to the employment terms and conditions, with effect from the resignation letter’s date. Reason(s) for the resignation can be stated in the resignation letter if desired. It can be left out if the resigning employee does not want to reveal the specifics.

A resignation letter can have the following pieces of information on its template:

* Resigning Employee’s Name & address

* Designation & Department

* Date of Letter

* Company Name & Address

* Salutations

* Reference

* Intention of Letter

* Statement of Resignation

* Reason for Resignation

* Note of Appreciation

* Signature

A resignation letter must be courteous and professional without invoking any ill-feelings on the recipient.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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