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Retail Business Plan Template

Every business needs a plan to run smoothly. A Retail business plan is one that is drawn up especially for that line of business: Retail. It should contain the important aspects such as Executive Summary, financial information, Objectives and goals to make an effective presentation to any interested and valued party such as investors or bankers.

A retail business plan should be well written to exude professionalism and accurate information. Ideas should be well presented and clarified with good supporting data.

A retail business plan should contain the business overview, operations, marketing strategies and management style as well as organization structure.

A retail business plan template usually encompasses:

* Company Name & Address

* Company Mission & Objectives

* Overview of Company

* Executive Summary

* Fundamentals of Company business

* Products & services

* In-depth description

* Quality

* Competition

* Marketing Plan

* Research & Data gathered

* Market Size

* Incurred estimated cost

* Factors that can affect your industry & company

* Targeted customers

* Competition & solutions

* Niche market identification

* Operational Plan

* Production

* Location

* Personnel & Responsibility

* Inventory

* Creditors & Suppliers

* Management style

* Board of Directors

* Professional Body / Authority

* Organizational chart / structure

* Start up expenses and capitalization

* Research methods

* Forecasts & Estimates

* Financial Information & Analysis

* 12 month projection (P&L)

* 5 year projection

* Projected Cash flow

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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