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Running Log Template

Everybody knows exercise is good for the body but not all can be committed or disciplined to a consistent exercise regimen. Perhaps the easiest exercise routine would be running or jogging as it allows you more flexibility in terms of time and place. There can be a variety that makes exercising more interesting as you can choose different and more interesting places to run or jog, while getting the required exercise.

Hence, a running log would be good to keep track of how much you have run, and when you have run. It can be in the form of a calendar with months and dates recorded where you can tick off the date when you run. This allows you a quick look on which days you missed your running exercise and perhaps rearrange your schedule to ensure a run regularly.

A running log template header can record the following information:

* Name

* Age & Gender

* Height & Weight

* Month

* Dates of the month

* Weekly total runs

* Monthly total runs

* Average total runs

* Comments

There is no need to record much detail for a run although you may state the distance run for the day in the calendar. You can also state the place of run so that you can identify the places you have tried for a run as certain places may offer various different obstacles or challenges such as slopes, hills, rivers, scenery, fauna and flora.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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