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Safe Work Method Statement Template

Every project that is undertaken in any work environment should emphasize on safety first. Hence, a safe work method statement should be utilized to ensure that the proper safety measures are adopted for any project.

A safe work method statement is a site-specific statement that ought to be prepared and approved by the relevant authority before work commences on project that is high risk.

A safe work method statement must be drawn up by the project owner or coordinator who is well versed with the whole project from start to finish as well as the environment and resources that may impede its success.

A safe work method statement template may comprise:

* Company Name & Address

* Project Description

* Project Owner / Coordinator

* Location of Job

* Start and End dates of project

* Personnel involved

* Tasks involved

* Expected timeframe of completion

* Start and end dates

* Preparation prior to task commencement

* Personnel involved

* Skills and experience of personnel

* Strategies & operational methods

* Risks and Hazards

* Overcoming risks & hazards

* Control measures

* Consequences

* Impact

* Clean up

* Methods

* Effectiveness

* Personnel involved

* Consequence

* Objective

* Duration required

* Meetings

* Minutes prior to project commencement

* Minutes during project in progress

* Minutes after project completion

A safe work method statement is a very detailed piece of document to ensure complete coverage for safety on any project.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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