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Safety Statement Template

A safety statement is a simple statement that is issued by the company on its safety procedures and stand for its projects, processes and employees.

This statement is issued to any interested party on the security or safety measures undertaken by the company to ensure the safety of its employees, customers and associated business partners or authorities.

The company is held responsible for the safety factor to be implemented correctly and appropriately in the business with a legal binding over the safety measures undertaken with regards to the work equipment, environment and duration.

A safe statement is a site-specific statement that ought to be prepared and approved by the relevant authority before work commences on project that is high risk.

A safe statement must be drawn up by the company management with the assistance of its legal department to ensure compliance to the safety guidelines of the local authorities.

A safe statement template may comprise:

* Company Name & Address

* Project/Process Description

* Project/Process Owner / Coordinator

* Location

* Start and End dates

* Personnel involved

* Tasks involved

* Resources required

* Risks and Hazards

* Safety measures and strategies

* Consequences

* Follow up Measures

* Accountability

A safe statement need not be detailed if it is a general statement of security and safety at the work place. It can be detailed as a presentation to the local safety authority or customer that appoints the company for a project.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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