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Sales Call Log Template

Businesses that want to thrive need to make many sales calls every day. These calls are related to the business to bring in the revenue. It could be a call to introduce a new product or promote an existing product with discounts and special offers to existing or new customers.

Many businesses are attempting cold calls nowadays to get more sales as a way to increase the monthly revenue. A sales call takes only a few minutes but the information may interest a potential customer to close the deal which translates into profit for the company.

A sales call log is a good tool to adopt by businesses that perform a lot of sales call. This log records the calls made to all potential and existing customers to help the organization identify the needs and preferences of the customers.

A sales call log also allows the business to follow up on the customer who may be thinking about the offer or to service existing customers with repeated sales.

A sales call log template can have:

* Company Name & Address

* Caller’s Name & Address

* Caller’s Contact information

* Date of Call

* Call number

* Called by

* Type of call

* Response

* Comments

* Offers

The sales call log can be simple in design with tick boxes for easier recording or with spaces to write the details of the call so that better understanding is obtained for follow up action.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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