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Sales Flyer Template

A Sales flyer is an important promotional material for a company that wishes to make known its presence, goods or services around a neighborhood. It could be designed as a house mailer or a flyer that could be picked up at strategic locations such as the local drugstores for potential customers to be informed of its offering and to patronize during the promotion period.

A Sales flyer can come in various sizes; hence, its template can take on various forms. But the basic template that has been proven successful for a sales flyer is that it is attractive and informative without being cluttered.

A Sales flyer template must be designed to suit its underlying objective. For example, if it is a house-for-sale flyer, the template may display a picture of the house with the purchase information listed precisely.

A Sales flyer is like an advertisement for the company to promote its goods and services. Another piece of important information on a sales flyer template would be the expiry date or the validity date of the promotion or offer of products/services.

The Sales flyer template should use appropriate fonts, in terms of size, type, spacing and placing, when listing relevant and important information about the item on sale.

Hence, a Sales flyer template may contain:

* Pictures relevant to the sales item

* Appropriate fonts

* Important information about the sales item

* Pricing of sales item

* Contact Person’s name and number

* Validity Date

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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