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Sales Invoice Template

Sales invoices are necessary in every business as they reflect the business transactions performed between two companies. A Sales invoice is a valid business document which entitles the issuer to demand payment for the goods delivered or the services rendered, as listed on the Sales invoice.

Hence, a Sales invoice must contain all necessary information to verify the business transaction between the two companies to avoid future dispute. Its template header may place the company’s name and logo with its full mailing/contact address and information at the left side with the Invoice number and Date on the right side.

Following this, the addressee’s information is placed further down on the left with the Shipping information for delivery purposes on the right.

Then, a sub-header follows which lists the Salesperson, Shipping method and terms, Payment terms, due date and Delivery Terms information columns.

The body of the Sales invoice template may record the following columns of information:

* Quantity

* Item number

* Description/Explanation

* Unit Price

* Concession

* Line Total

* Tax

* Special Notes or Instructions

The exact format of a sales invoice template is very much dependent on the company’s mode of business. It may choose to design the sales invoice template differently from other businesses, so that the necessary and important information about a particular sale is captured for monitoring and accounting purposes.

There may be two copies of sales invoice generated; an original and a duplicate.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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