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Sales Letter Template

Sales are an important component of every business. If a company does not have sufficient sales, it can close down very quickly. At times, a company would need to send off sales letters to boost up its sales figures.

People are very busy nowadays; they may not be able to shop or be on the lookout for special offers. Hence, a company will have an added advantage if it mails out sales letters to potential customers or regular patrons to update them on the company’s special offers and introductory products regularly. This is beneficial to the customers too who do not like to shop around or are too busy to shop around physically. If the contents of the sales letter suit the customers, they can contact the company for the necessary sales.

A sales letter may be formal but it must also be very interesting and not too long; otherwise, the recipient may be too busy to read the whole document and miss the important sales contents. The important information such as sales offers, promotions and special discounts should be stated early in the letter in an exciting manner so as to attract the reader’s immediate attention. Otherwise, the sales letter will end up in the wastepaper dustbin.

A sales letter can have the following pieces of information on its template:

* Company’s Name, Logo, & contact information

* Date of Letter

* Company’s products & services

* Special offers & discounts

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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