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Sales Order Template

All companies need sales to sustain their operation and businesses. They need to get as many sales order as possible to ensure that they make profit to keep their businesses going.

A sales order is an important document to be received by any business to be fulfilled. A sales order is similar to a request of purchase by the sender to the recipient. The sales order will note the items of sales and the quantity as well as the pricing. There may be other types of information about each item of sale that can be listed on the sales order such as taxes, service fees, delivery charges and payment terms.

A sales order template may have the following information:

* Buyer’s Name, Address & Logo

* Seller’s name & address

* Shipping address

* Contact person on shipment

* Contact person title & department

* Items required

* Item code

* Quantity

* Description of items

* Date required

* Terms and conditions

The sales order may also state specifics on the items placed so that the vendor will supply the correct item.

The sales order may also contain some terms and conditions to assist the vendor such as “Urgent – before <Date>”. There may be specific shipping instructions too. The recipient must adhere to the specific requirements on the sales order unless changes are agreed.

Long term patrons may enjoy certain privileges with a sales order, such as discounts.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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