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Sales Proposal Template

A company survives the fluctuating economy today by gaining sufficient business through its sales. Hence, sales proposals are very important for the company. The sales proposals function like an enticement to the existing and potential customers to consider the company for any project or sales of products and services available which may benefit the customer.

A sales proposal must be well written to bring favor to the company. Since there may be many sales proposal written up by the company for many customers, it would be good to track all these sales proposals in a template that can retrieve the necessary information for follow up action or future reference.

A customer usually takes time to consider a sales proposal; the company would need to be able to track all its sales proposals to the respective customers so that no confusion arises which can be embarrassing.

You can record the following columns of information on a sales proposal template for easy viewing.

* Customer Name & Address

* Proposal Number

* Date of Proposal

* Proposal Statement

* Contact Person

* Company Liaison / Salesperson

* Feedback from Customer

* Comments on Sales Proposal

* Follow Up date

The salesperson for every sales proposal generated and sent out is responsible to follow up on the sales proposal. In today’s competitive business world, the closing of deal opportunity may be lost easily if you are not diligent and alert to the customer’s needs and changes.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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