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Sales Quote Template

Sales quotes are crucial to the survival of any business; for without any sales quotes, there would be no sales closed. In reverse, sales quotes offer the company opportunities to bring in some revenue to the company to keep it going or growing.

A Sales quote template usually lists the company’s name and mailing address on its right side of the header with today’s date, quotation/invoice number and expiration date on the left. An expiration date is the validity of the sales quote to the addressee.

Another part of the Sales quote template header is the addressee’s name and mailing address.

And above the body of the Sales template, there may be a sub-header which lists the Salesperson, Shipping method and terms, Payment terms, Due date and Delivery Terms columns.

The body of the Sales quote template may contain the following columns of information:

* Quantity

* Item number

* Description

* Unit Price

* Discount

* Line Total

If discounts are offered, a Discount total box should be identified. At the bottom of the Line Total, we can list the Sub-total, Sales Tax and Grand Total sections. At the bottom of the Sales quotation, a signatory may be recorded with the company’s terms and conditions. Another important line of information that should be listed on the Sales quotation is the acceptance signatory of the addressee or its representative. This is an important piece of information which acknowledges receipt of the sales quotation by the second party.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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