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Sales are very important to any business. An organization’s survival in business depends on its healthy sales. A Sales template is really an Invoice that is sent to the organization’s clients or purchasers. It is an official document from the organization confirming the sales of equipment, goods and services to its customers, expecting payment in return.

The Sales template header may contain several items of information; at the very top would be the company’s logo, full name and mailing address at the top of the letterhead. There would be the Date (which the invoice is sent), Invoice number, Customer identification or name and Purchase order number at the top left column.

Billing information of the customer for which payment is directed at, and the Shipping information for delivery purposes follow as part of the header.

Just before the body of the Sales template come on, there may be a sub-header which lists the Salesperson, Shipping method and terms, Payment terms, Due date and Delivery Terms columns.

The body of the Sales template may record the following columns of information:

* Quantity

* Item number

* Description

* Unit Price

* Line Total

The bottom can list the bank name, account number and sort code with a sub-total, VAT rate & amount, S&P and Grand Total columns. If space permits, further notes or advice can be noted at the bottom section such as a business greeting like “Thank you for your business” or reminder to write the check out in favor of the company’s name correctly.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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