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Schedule Planner Template

A Schedule planner is a very important piece of paper not just for business or working people; it is also crucial for busy people who would like to keep track of their time or days. A Schedule planner allows its user an overview of the days of the months in one year.

The Schedule planner template can come in many ways; one format is to have the sheet divided into two sections – left and right columns. The left column comprises writing space for some quick short notes with smaller columns to record the various active projects and their corresponding start and end dates. The right column houses all the months of the year in neat boxes listing all the days of each month so that you can view all the days in a month, for all months in a year. You can highlight the days of the month with different colors, where you have projects scheduled.

Another template for the Schedule planner is where it is formatted like a big calendar sheet with the months as its header row and the dates (1-31) as its columns. It is like a big grid where the user can write the scheduled appointment or activity, in each box which represents the date in a particular month.

Yet another Schedule planner template contains a slight variation with the inclusion of the Day information. This extra piece of information allows the user to relate the day to the date of the activity at a particular month.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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