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Teaching is a noble profession, as the saying goes. A good teacher will ensure that he is well prepared for his class. Only then can he live up to the expectations of the teaching profession accolade.

A teacher requires adopting a plan to deliver his lesson to his students. He needs to list out certain information about his teaching session such as venue, time and date of lesson, his type of students, class and resources before he plans the lesson contents. It is important to know your targeted audience before delivery of lesson.

A school plan template can have the following columns to record the necessary information to improve delivery of lesson:

* Date of Lesson

* Subject

* Lesson Title

* Class

* Number of students

* Assistant Teacher

* Resources needed

* Lesson plan approval

The school plan may require the approval of a higher authority so that there is accountability as the teacher exercises his responsibility towards his class through the delivery of lesson planned.

The other sections of the school plan template may include:

* Performance Objectives

Each lesson plan developed in the school plan must state the objectives of the lesson which must be translated out to performance objectives displayed by the students. This will allow the teacher and the higher authority to determine if the lesson was understood and grasped by the students in the class.

If otherwise, the school plan should be revised.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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