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Scope Statement Template

Thriving businesses will take on a lot of projects which translate into profit. To do so, the company must have the necessary skills and experience while understanding the task on hand.

It is necessary to identify the scope and the objective of the project before the commencement of the project. A scope statement should be identified by the project owner or coordinator to give a clear view of the project requirements.

A lot of groundwork and preparations must be done to determine the feasibility of the project. The project scope may be changed several times before the final version is acceptable and approved. Risks and challenges, shortcomings and cost are some important factors of consideration of the project to ensure its success.

A scope statement template may take on several pieces of important items such as:

* Project name

* Description of project

* Project Owner

* Project Leader / Manager

* Date of Project

* Purpose / Objective

* Scope version

* Approved by & Date

* Changes & Reasons

* Project Cost

* Project justification, deliverables

* Project risks, limitations & assumptions

* Project Priority

* Overall Comments

If the project is large, it can be broken down into small sub-tasks where each sub-task will require an individual scope statement, especially if the sub-tasks are not totally related. Else, there should be a good link between the sub-tasks and overall project.

Once approved, the project owner/manager must be responsible for the whole project.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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