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Score’s Business Plan Template

Businesses need to have good business plans to kick start their businesses as well as to stay in business. A good business plan gives the company its direction and focus on its mission and vision for profitability and continuity.

A Score’s business plan is a special plan that specifies certain criteria to writing a good business plan that will bring results. Its template provides different headings with different questions that trigger the desired information to be included in your Business Plan. This template attempts to cater to every type of business; hence, not all questions or sections may be relevant to you.

This type of business plan gives you a better focus on preparing your business plan to the best of your capability. It prompts you on the many aspects that you should consider in your business plan which many leave out accidentally.

The Score’s business plan requires a written description of your proposed business with relevant tables, charts and figures.

It is a flexible plan as it allows you to choose the sections you want to highlight as part of your proposed business plan. This template allows you that flexibility in keying in the necessary information.

A Score’s business plan template can contain the following types of information:

* Executive summary

* Objective & mission statement

* Description of business

* Company information

* Marketing plans

* Pricing

* Competition

* Implementation

* Results

* Milestone

* Contact person

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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