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Seating Chart Template

Many occasions can be celebrated on a large scale, which may require seating. Seating arrangements are necessary to ensure that the guests at the function are well taken care of.

Occasions like weddings, conferences, dinners, performances, awards, speeches and presentations may require seating arrangements. It is common for a seating chart to be prepared as soon as the invitations to the function are distributed. When the invited guests confirm their attendance, the seating arrangement will be confirmed. This method assists the coordinator of the function to identify the number of guests confirmed for the event; hence, the planning is enhanced.

A seating chart takes into account the available space for the function and the number of tables that can be accommodated in that space. Usually one table has ten seats but it can be fewer like eight seats for a more comfortable arrangement.

Seating charts may be in various forms; it need not be at round tables only. If the occasion is a presentation or conference, long seminar tables can be used where the seating arrangements can have all its guests facing one direction, perhaps towards the stage. Usually important guests are seated at the front.

A Seating chart template can have the following components:

* Table shapes & sizes

* Chairs

* Table number

Some seating charts may have accompanying name lists which record the seating arrangements of the guests at the various tables. This enhances the facilitation of the function.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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