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Many businesses operate on a shift basis where many workers come in at different time slots as the operation must be kept going constantly; sometimes, 24×7. Such businesses include factories where the machines are continuously on for production to happen and transportation where the deliveries of items are constantly made. Transportation can also include aircrafts and trains which may operate on a 24 hour basis depending on the objective of the operation.

Hence, these businesses require many staff to keep the operation going; for example, an airport requires the control tower to be manned 24 hours to monitor the aviation traffic and avoid space disasters.

You can use a sheet template that can give a simple record of the workers reporting for duty when it is their shift or if they are operating on an overtime basis. This sheet template will ensure fair and accurate calculation of pay at the end of the day.

A sheet template can have the following columns to record the necessary information for payroll purposes or enhance the operation:

* Date

* Department

* Employee name

* Employee title

* Time in

* Signatory

* Time out

* Approval signatory

The sheet template can also record contact information of the employee in case there is an emergency to contact the worker.

It can also have the total hours worked column for easier reference of how long an employee has worked for that particular day or shift.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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