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Shift Schedule Template

Certain industries need to be in operation on a 24/7 basis, such as factories, security, healthcare or governments. Where it is important to have some personnel manning the counter, production or service, a shift schedule is useful to track the staff responsible for that shift or period of activity.

Even if the staff is not physically present at the site, they must be prepared to go in any time they are called just as with engineers and doctors who need to be ‘on standby’ duty at all times due to the severity of the activity or need.

The shift schedule template is designed to record the respective staff on duty for the identified time and dates according to the company’s work policy. The administrator will prepare the shift schedule a month or two beforehand for the involved staff to note their shifts before confirmation. This allows changes that may be required to accommodate certain staff’s special needs or requests.

A shift schedule template can consists of:

* Day of the week

* Corresponding dates

* Shift times in blocks

* Names of employees scheduled for shift work

* Total hours per employee

* Average work hours per employee per week/per month

A shift schedule is best for companies that require staff to service the customers all the time, such as in call centers or even in exhibitions where long hours are expected. Some shift schedules need not be 24/7.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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