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Shipping Invoice Template

In the world of businesses, transactions happen frequently with many products shipped or delivered to the customers’ preferred destinations. Sometimes, the customers may want their purchases sent to another place instead of their own residences or offices, like gift vouchers or packages for their business associates.

Hence, the seller has to oblige in shipping out the purchased items to the customers’ preferred destination, perhaps for a service fee.

The shipping invoice is the right document to contain the necessary information for the purchase to be delivered correctly. It should contain the shipping company’s details as well the customer’s information. There may be the inclusion of the shipper and consignee information as well if there are third parties involved in the shipping and delivery process. There may also be the brokerage firm or insurance firm information for the necessary charges to be claimed or in case of untoward incidences where insurance filing is required.

A shipping invoice template may contain the following components:

* Shipping Company’s name & address

* Shipping Company’s logo & contact number

* Customer’s name and address

* Customer’s contact number

* Invoice Number

* Invoice Date

* Delivery Date

* Item of Delivery

* Quantity & Description

* Shipper’s information

* Consignee information

* Brokerage firm information & contact

The contact person in each category of the shipping process is very important to establish the link of shipping and delivery. This will enable the tracing of the shipment should any unforeseen circumstances occur.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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