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Shipping Label Template

In the world of businesses, labels are important to identify the products and packages which one business needs to deliver to its customers or associates.

Labels contain company and customer information pasted on the company products and packages before they get shipped out. Labels contents need to be clear and precise so that there will not be any error in the shipment, which would be costly.

A shipping label will require a clear display of the sender and recipient information as it is pasted on the product or package. It should also be labeled right-side up to ensure the safety of the product inside the package.

A shipping label template may contain the following components:

* Sender’s name & address

* Sender’s contact number

* Recipient’s name and address

* Recipient’s contact number

* Product name

* Product serial number

* Quantity

The full addresses of both the “SENDER” and “RECEIVER” are to be clearly stated so that proper identification can be made as well as easy returns of product or package if it is undelivered. Contact numbers of both parties are also useful information on a shipping label in case of emergency. Since thousands of packages are sent everyday, it is important to confirm the accuracy of the information on the shipping label to ensure delivery of package.

Caution phrases are also found frequently on shipping labels for the package handler, such as “Fragile” or “This side UP” to avoid breakage and damage of product inside.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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