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Sign in and Sign out Sheets Template

Sign in and sign out sheets are very useful and necessary to facilitate the work hours of any employee in a big and busy organization with many departments and branches.

These sign in and sign out sheets help to determine the presence and absence of the workforce in a particular work environment to compute the payroll accurately at the end of the day, week or month.

Sign in and sign out sheets are great tools with temporary or part time staff that do not enjoy the full employment benefits of the organization. These sign in and sign out sheets are useful and necessary for tax purposes as well as for legal aspects as they involve monies transacted.

Sign in and sign out sheets are also helpful to maintain the security of an environment to prevent violation of privacy or intrusion of confidentiality in an organization where some sections are off-limits to visitors and even company personnel.

Sign in and sign out sheets are also used to check on accountability where the management can track on the movement of people in that environment.

The sign in and sign out sheet template for salary computation purposes can have:

* Company name

* Department or section

* Company employee

* Title / Designation

* Employee number

* Contact Information

* Date of entry

* Authorization

* Time in

* Time out

* Sign in

* Sign out

* Signatory

* Total hours

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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