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Sign in Sheets Template

Sign in sheets are very useful as they help organize a function where a lot of attendees are expected to be present. Sign in sheets can be arranged at staff meetings where the whole organization is involved or at conferences where lots of participants are present.

Sign in sheets are especially helpful where there are a few functions happening at the same venue but in different areas, as with seminars or break out sessions for conference participants.

Depending on the nature of the function or event, a sign in sheet template can differ. Usually, the sign in sheet template can be quite simple as it states the function name, organizer, time, date and venue of the function so that the participants will not be confused or sign in at the wrong event.

The body of a sign in sheet template of a business related event can have:

* Name of Participant

* Company of Participant

* Title / Designation of Participant

* Contact Information of Participant

* Signatory

The list of information on a sign in sheet proves helpful to the organizer in identifying the number of participants present for the said event or for follow up purposes after the event is over. The sign in sheet information also allows the participants to know his audience as he addresses them in the event or have a better focus when he makes his presentation.

A sign in sheet is essential in preparing for the number of seats in the event.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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