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Sign up Sheets Template

Sign up sheets are good pieces of information for an organizer who requires assistance for some event. It could be referring to some volunteer service where a sign up sheet is placed for volunteers to identify themselves for the service. Hence, a sign up sheet allows the event organizer to know how many people are available to assist in a particular event.

A sign up sheet template header would display the organizer’s name, the function or event that requires assistance, the date, day, time and venue of event.

Some lines of details concerning the event may be listed before the body of the template to allow participants signing up to understand the event and the possible role they are expected to play.

The body of a sign up sheet template of an event can have:

* Name of Participant

* Gender

* Age / Birth date

* Contact Information of Participant

* Skills / Abilities

The Skills / Abilities column is useful to the organizer in identifying the types of participants signing up for the event/function. The organizer would be able to place the participants in the proper area of work according to the information on the sign up sheet, such as skills/abilities, gender and age.

The contact information of the participant is very crucial as the organizer needs to make contact wit the participant for the task at hand. With the sign up sheet, the organizer has a better idea how much help he can have to make the event a success.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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